An Ultimate Guide To The Investors-Immediate Edge

Online trading is nowadays a trend. Buying & selling of cryptocurrencies & transactions of other assets is done online through many platforms. There are options in the financial asset investment, and information on how & where to invest, how much to invest & therefore, various smooth software to execute those transactions hassle-free. One such legitimate & one halt site is Immediate Edge Trading.

How it works

The online transaction brings with it lots of suspicious, risk, challenge. To ease up that dilemma, the makers of Immediate Edge have created a platform that studies the market data, brings the best opportunity for the investor, guides them if the investment is worth making or not.

Pros of Immediate Edge Trading

  • It saves lots of time on the part of the investor’s end, bringing them the best opportunity.
  • This app works with a technique of algorithm which provides an approximate calculation of profit & loss.
  • Online trading is stressful. The slightest mistake can cost the investor a big deal. Immediate Edge provides a safe guide to investors of all levels, whether a fresher or a veteran.
  • It’s an easy-going app by setting up an account & be being a member of the trading community.
  • Cashing out is free. Many platforms charge a transaction fee, but no withdrawal fee based on earnings is applicable in the Immediate Edge Trading app. Though if at all, the charge depends on the kind of bank institution.
  • Even becoming a member of this app is free. There is no hidden charge from registration to become a member to investing to cashing out. It’s free at every step. Fill up the registration form & wait for the confirmation mail.
  • Along with the trading platform, it also tutors the parameters & process of trading. It guides the fresher & helps them to learn the basics of trading.

It is automated, and it notifies its members about trading up in the line or according to its members’ filter. Customer support is available 24/7. The withdrawal process happens within 24 hours. One needs to keep the minimum fund of 250 USD, and this legitimate trading app promises maximum trading of high volatility up to 15000 USD. Cryptocurrency or any other bitcoins are the most unstable & unpredictable investment in the trading arena also seemed to be reliable via this app. It presents the complete current graph to the investors working on its funda of algorithms so that crypto or bitcoins are happy experiences for them.

Crypto Bull Mike Novogratz Favors Gold over Bitcoin

Big bull investor of the global Bitcoin market, Mike Novogratz, advises that investing in gold is better than investing in Bitcoins. He says that though Bitcoin outperforms the valuable yellow metal in the market, it may be less lucrative because of the high volatility of the crypto market.

Mike Novogratz heads the Galaxy Digital Holdings group. He is the most successful and vocal hedge fund in the United States, who was leading the well-known Fortress Investment Group for many years. This Bitcoin bull and a billionaire investor is the most sought after advisor in the global crypto market. In 2017, Mike was reported to hold 20% of his total net worth in Ethereum and Bitcoins. 

He has correctly predicted the price of Bitcoin trading in the past years. In 2017, he forecast the rise. Being a vocal Bitcoin bull, Mike keeps sharing his views on social platforms. On June 1, his tweet was to hold on to both Bitcoins and Gold. He said Bitcoins prices might reach a new high if the barrier breaks. On July 8, talking to CNBC’s First Money, Mike advised investors to keep more gold than Bitcoins. Bitcoin prices did not fluctuate during this period and steadied at $9000. 

Mike says that Bitcoin has just started adapting to the situation. For reaching a peak, Bitcoin prices need to break a resistance that is more difficult to attain in the present scenario. Yet, Bitcoin will gradually gain more momentum in the market because more and more companies are initiating different methods to fetch the crowd towards the adoption of cryptocurrency or Bitcoin. 

In the interview with CNBC’s First Money, Mike has said that Bitcoin is quite difficult to purchase. Bitcoin would be of the greater price if the purchasing-method were easier. There are various people who try to provide different methods to purchase Bitcoins. Some custodies and funds are also set up by some companies. Also, within some time, they will get an exchange-traded fund, which is like security. It comprises many securities such as trading commodities, cryptocurrencies, etc. that frequently trace an underlying record. These funds may invest in many industry sectors or manipulate several strategies. 

Considering the upcoming changes in the method of holding Bitcoins, Novogratz advises prioritizing the precious metal instead of Bitcoin. He also asks the investors to consider the fact that gold prices are touching a 9-year high. On July 9, gold prices touched a peak price of $1800 since 2011, September. The rising price of gold is evidently because of the economic recession in the Covid-19 situation. Over the last 24 hours or so, the price of gold has increased by 0.1%, making it $1810 per ounce for trading. 

According to one of the biggest advocates of gold, Peter Schiff, investors don’t pay enough attention to the price rise patterns of the precious metal. Speaking to news sources on Thursday, he said that gold is the most neglected bull market. He said that since 2015, the prices of gold had risen by 70%, but investors fail to pay attention to this market’s profitability. 

How Crypto Is Going To Shake Up The World Of Mixed Martial Arts

The platform based on crypto takes a vow to tremble the combined martial arts world by the digitalization of sport to support fighters and open their earning chances.

A group of marketing professionals and martial arts experts came up with a platform developed primarily fan-centered. The platform is designed to reveal the digital age of sport.

MMAON came up with a statement that martial arts hold a place in the world as a sport growing fastly. Conor McGregor also liked it and taking it to a further step by making it go international.

On the online-based platform, it is made for connecting the sport stakeholders. This group includes all the sponsors, athletes, fans, and sports organizers. The pandemic times show a great effect on the events held for MMA all over the globe. As a result, it postponed fights and kept the fans at their homes. In such a time, it’s crucial to bring on the digitization phase in the sports world.

Tomaž Ambrožič (marketing professional of a famous sport) throws light on the “MMA digital hub creation” and calls it an innovative method. It will work as a platform adopting the strategy indulged similar to IMDb, which prevails as an authority with an undisputed image in the film world.

He further explained: “A single place will hold the record of every fighter’s profile, with providing easy access to fans for learning about the fighters, present in a dedicated format within the social channel and also hold a reward option that fans can directly give to their favorite fighters.”

There’s a twist that prevails in- how will the fans vote for their favorite fighters and the ones they prefer to watch in the match facing each other. Also, enthusiasts can join the fighters in their further event training and predict their opinions.

Standing as a support mechanism for fighters

As per MMAON, it reveals that it wants to support the fighters and help them get access to a lifestyle with comfort and ease. No doubt, MMA comes under the toughest and challenging sports in the globe but still some stars lack in gathering a potential income and get hands to a certain amount only.

With the help of such a platform focused on crypto, fans will credit tips to their favorite fighters and it becomes easy for athletes to come up with the branded items and equipment related to the sport for earning revenue from sales. Also, there will be ample sponsorship opportunities, it’s often under prohibition within the famous sport contract bodies.

Frank Mir (UFC heavyweight former champion in the world) serving as the project consultant spoke that he holds a wish that MMAON type of platforms should have existed at the time when he was present in his career’s past stages- showcasing it as a concept based on phenomenal that helps young and new fighters to come in the world’s eye.

He further said: “Thinking what it will be to get access to such things gave an envious feeling in my fighters years when I was young… How can I get more earnings in this? How to turn my popularity higher? Each generation might find it an easier way.”

How To Buy Bitcoin Anonymously?

Even though Bitcoin have a reputation for being secure and anonymous, but they are not always! It might come as a big shock for those looking to buy or send Bitcoin anonymously that every transaction is put on a ledger. Many exchanges have an authentication process that can allow Bitcoin to be traced to the person. Most of the popular crypto exchanges like BitMEX, Coinbase, and Binance will ask for KYC to allow you to open an account with them. You will be asked a number of documents such as your passport, driver’s license, recent photograph, official email address, phone number, and you’re your home address. When these exchanges have so much personal information about you, being anonymous is out of the question. 

However, there are certain workarounds to buying Bitcoin anonymously. There are many different ways, apart from Bitcoin exchanges from where you can buy Bitcoin anonymously. Here are some of them –

Bitcoin ATMs

If you have a Bitcoin ATM near your place, you can purchase Bitcoin anonymously using cash. There are dedicated Bitcoin ATMs in over 80 countries. You just need to insert cash into the ATM, and it will transfer coins into your Bitcoin ATM. The purchases through these ATMs are completely anonymous as the exchange does not record any of your personal information when transferring the funds to your Bitcoin wallet.

Person to Person Purchase

Person to person purchase of Bitcoin is the most anonymous method to obtain Bitcoin. Here, the buyer and the seller meet each other physically to exchange Bitcoin for cash. Most of the time, these people are not known to each other. There are different platforms that can allow you to learn about other sellers and buyers you can meet locally. Many people use an intermediatory or a trusted person to facilitate the Bitcoin transaction. It will help protect your identity.

Buy Anonymously Online

There are a few exchanges that allow you to purchase Bitcoin without the need to verify yourself on the platform. One such example is Bisq. It is a peer-to-peer platform allowing buying and selling cryptocurrencies in real currencies and without registration. However, it does not offer spot prices or liquidity that other platforms offer. One other option is Hodl Hodl, but you might need to share your personal information to make transactions.

Privacy is important when it comes to buying Bitcoin. Without anonymity, your personal information can easily be tracked, and it might be a matter of concern when it comes to online privacy. We live in an era where sharing personal information on social media platforms is the norm. But what people might forget is that sharing intimate moments online may come at a cost. Many people have fallen trap to cyber-attacks and identity theft due to it.

Purchasing or selling Bitcoin is a personal matter, and its details should not be disclosed, such as how many Bitcoin you bought, from where you purchased it, or when you bought the Bitcoin. Many governments are not pro-cryptocurrencies, and people who purchase cryptocurrencies in a large quantity; you might attract attraction from the government. Thus, being anonymous can provide you protection and peace of mind knowing that the transactions cannot be traced back to you. 

Bitcoin Hardware Devices Need To Improve To Handle Complex Transactions

Bitcoins evolution has come a long way since its formation in 2009. It has achieved remarkable success and made way for hundreds of other cryptocurrencies. The Bitcoin hardware has also evolved; however, Bitcoin hardware devices need to improve to handle complex transactions.


Based on the test report released on September 2020, on Casa Blog, by Jameson Lopp, co-founder and CTO of Casa, a crypto custody firm, on Bitcoin multi-signature hardware signing performance, it is said that the hardware crypto wallet devices can handle small and simple transactions well.

However, problems start when the transactions become complicated. Lopp stated that while Casa has no control over the hardware devices, its goal is to support any device.

Lopp’s decision to research the hardware was with the hope to come to some conclusions and help multisig software providers with a better understanding of the limits of the hardware and customize wallet software for better performance.

Casa is compatible with six hardwares, including Trezor, Ledger, Coinkite, and Coldcard. The test was done on all supported hardware, including Bitbox.

Jameson Lopp created a series of tests to determine these hardware wallet potentials when signing multi-signature transactions of varying complexity. He repeated these tests and came to the decision that it is better and more secure if the hardware devices can show progress indicators for loading and signing. 

When it came to overcoming transaction size limitation and delay of transaction processing time, Lopp suggested that hardware wallets should break up and send in multiple smaller transactions that are below its limits.

When the transaction process takes a lot of time, some hardware devices lock themselves from inactivity. Lopp suggested that the least the device manufacturers can do is to disable the screen lock functionality while a transaction is taking place to avoid any inconvenience.

In his suggestions, Lopp also mentioned that the hardware devices should also support partially signed Bitcoin transactions (PSBT) and all possible multisig transactions that are valid.

There are usually two steps to be followed by the hardware devices after signing a Bitcoin transaction. Lopp says, “At first the transaction gets loaded on the device, analyzes the details and then displays them on screen for user confirmation. The details are basically the address to which funds are being sent, the amount being sent, and the transaction fees. In the second step, post confirmation from the user, the device signs each transaction input and then returns the signed transaction to the wallet software.”

Lopp did the testing on the Bitcoin Hardware device based on the following configuration.

Jameson Lopp set up the test by leveraging Electrums’s 4.0.2 appimage on Debian Linux and created various P2WSH (native segwit) multisig wallets that use Bitcoin’s testnet and with the hardware devices plugged in via USB. A deposit of 100 UTXOs was deposited in each wallet for the test.

In the end, the test result indicated that the Bitcoin devices need to improve to handle complex transactions.

A 17 Year Old Was Just Arrested in Connection With Twitter’s Recent Hack

Generation Z has become the most computer literate generation yet and can easily navigate the ins and outs of the internet with quite an ease. But such skills can have a wrong side with a bad hand, as is evident in a recent case where a boy is just seventeen years of age has become the cause of a worldwide Twitter hacking that has caused much damages to the accounts of celebrities. Authorities indicate that the young adult boy operated alone and single-handedly caused this atrocity in such gigantic proportions and caused such uproar.

Details of the Case

The teenage hacker was arrested in the Tampa province of Florida in the United States of America. The scandal he caused has been termed the largest social media safety issue, the like of which is rarely seen. The master-mind operation had been the cause of many twitter profiles hacked and exploited, the owners of which included big celebrity names such as Elon Musk, Joe Biden, and Bill Gates. Ironically, two of these examples are major industrialists in the sector of software technologies and programming themselves.

Authority Report

The case file indicates that the boy went by the name of Clark and did not use any assistance from any fellow coder and did this massive breach of trust single-handedly. The young adult was charged with over thirty charges that included identity theft and data fraud. He faces repercussions in the area of Florida where more lax laws allow for juveniles to be tried as adults in such scams and fraudulent cases. More recent reports after the preliminary investigations have clarified that there can be accomplices involved in the operation, but the authorities do not know for sure.

The young age is not be confused with the simplicity of the job, as the scam as perpetrated in a level very rare and points to the criminal in question to be a prodigy in coding and software programming, albeit a prodigy who chose to use his powers for evil. Another three also face accusations now and are believed to have assisted Clark in his criminal endeavors. These three accused go by the online aliases of “Chaewon, Rolex, and Juvenile.” The authorities point towards the success of the investigation as such attacks being completely thwarted is no small victory.

Top 5 Swiss Bank’s profits up 34% after Bitcoin integration

In this age now, the virtual currencies have gained tremendous significance. Those who have invested in such currencies have gained a huge profit in the past some years. One such event is recently in the limelight as one of the known personalities has revealed his huge profit from Bitcoin revolution. Julius Baer, which is ranked at the fifth position in top Swiss Banks, saw a decent profit of more than 34% this year. It recently began offering digital currencies like Bitcoins to consumers, and this growth can be attributed to this integration. The bank manages more than $400 billion in assets, and the overall profit has increased by more than $500 million this year. The trading revenues have come mostly from the US and the European region. The bank had rolled out Bitcoin integration in January this year, and it has seen good participation in recent months.

Trading revenues increased allover

The trend remains the same with many other major banks this year. The trading revenues saw a significant increase as the fear of Covid 19 pandemic led to a lot of changes in the stock market and other markets around the world. Most stock markets rallied, and retail participation went up by a huge margin as many new players entered into the market during this pandemic period. JPMorgan earned $4.7 billion net income in the second quarter, which is its highest revenue on a quarterly basis so far.

Retail trading in Julius Baer

The situation with Julius Baer is also similar as many retail investors increased their participation in recent months that led to high revenues. The trading activity has been high since April when the pandemic started to expand all over the world. It has been continuing in the same direction ever since, and even Bitcoin reached its highest level in this period. The spike in Bitcoin prices have surprised many investors, and they are expecting some correction from these levels soon.

Even stock markets have seen a good amount of volatility as prices continued to swing in both directions on most days. However, the new stimulus package has boosted the spirits of the market, and they see new highs on a  daily basis. The trend is likely to continue for a few more months as the central banks are willing to back the markets with more stimulus shortly.

This Post-Halving Bitcoin Era Will Be Unlike Any Other

The Crypto industry waits for its once in a four-year event, halving. Every time this event brings on new opportunities for the cryptocurrency and miners. The previous two halvings have shown that Bitcoin is a popular digital currency. But this time, it is way more significant.

The latest halving has reduced the mining reward from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC. The third halving of Bitcoin has now entered into its fourth block reward era. People are making many assumptions about the digital coin after the new halving of BTC.

According to the previous halving events, Bitcoin prices skyrocketed. This halving event is also set to increase Bitcoin prices according to the predictions. There is a twist to the third halving event. If the forecasts to be believed, the current halving case is going to evolve the Bitcoin network like never before.

Satoshi Nakamoto, founder of Bitcoin famously made a quote through Bitcoin embedding which says, “The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks”. This quote made it clear that Bitcoin is going to end the printing of money out of thin air.

Bitcoin halvings have proved that it is the most prominent means of wealth. Its previous two halvings have been phenomenal to show a new economy worldwide.  Bitcoin was found during the recession but since then it has proved its existence through every halving occurrence.

Both of the previous halvings occurred in a financially stable period but the third halving has been quite different. It has coincided with a global pandemic COVID-19. According to Paul Tudor Jones, a Bitcoin investor, and an American billionaire, there is a lot of progress in terms of money whether it is in paper form or in digital.

The last block mined during the third halving event included a message that stated, “NYTimes 09/Apr/2020 With $2.3T Injection, Fed’s Plan Far Exceeds 2008 Rescue”. This message was displayed along with the 629,999th block along with a permanent time stamp.

This block era has proved that Bitcoin is a digital gold as comprehended by cryptocurrency experts. The Bitcoin is created at the rate of 6.25 BTC every block. It is almost impossible to replace Bitcoin anytime soon.

On the other hand, the fiat currency is losing its place gradually. The Bitcoin, however, has turned out to be a significant asset. Some experts are even comparing the third halving era with the first halving.

Since the first Bitcoin halving or invention took place during the 2008 recession and now there is a global recession again due to the global pandemic. Bitcoin is rising again and again there is an overflowing monetary supply.

The third halving has proved that Bitcoin can withstand any situation in the economy. Bitcoin has a similar yearly issuance rate of 1.8%. It is a tradeable asset and has the potential to kick-off traditional money in the future.

Bitcoin started with a P2P system but recently it is being used in every other financial circulation. It has a resemblance to gold in many ways. It experiences the same level of immunity that gold does during the devaluation period.

Satoshi knew this might happen in the future, that’s why his message included “Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks”. This message was a hint that no matter what Bitcoin will remain immune from printing press debasement.

Unlike traditional money that is created out of thin air, Bitcoin has proved to be the best form of investment. It does not depend on supply, unlike traditional currency. Everyone agrees that an investment in Bitcoin is worth making even during the worldwide pandemic.

The third halving of Bitcoin has created a history. The digital coin has come out even stronger than its inventor predicted. When there is a situation of global rush and recession, Bitcoin stands strong and its value keeps on increasing. The third halving of Bitcoin has been remarkable and Bitcoin is the currency of the future if the statics will remain as it is.

Jim Jefferies Possesses 4 times the bitcoin Than What Elon Musk Owns

Geoff James Nugent, professionally known as Jim Jefferies, is an Australian-American stand-up comedian, actor, and writer. He even had his show on Comedy Central titled the Jim Jefferies Show that aired on television from 2017 to 2018.

On the other hand, Elon Musk is a designer in the industrial sector, a technology entrepreneur, a philanthropist, but, mainly an engineer. He is a permanent citizen of the US, Canada, and South Africa at the same time. He is the CEO and the CTO of SpaceX, besides being the original founder of the company.

Both Own Bitcoin (BTC)

A very common thing about these two huge personalities is that they are both inclined towards the cryptocurrency realm owning a large number of bitcoin units. However, it has come to notice that Jim Jefferies possesses 4 times the bitcoin than what Elon Musk owns. This is what this article is dealing with. Time to get further into the news.

So, it has been recently revealed that the great Australian-American comedian has managed to gather a large amount of Bitcoin, an amount that is even larger than that owned by Elon Musk who is one of the world-famous billionaires.

Jim Jefferies Bitcoin Worth

In one of the episodes held on the 30th of June,2020, of the podcast of Jefferies ‘I Don’t Know About That,’ Jim Jefferies uncovered this fact to ‘Invest Diva’ Kiana Danial. He was a little bit more updated regarding the cryptocurrency compared to his comedian crew apparently knew. Jefferies’ podcast staff members generally put their finger on the topics the comedian has small or no idea about.

He stated that he has one bitcoin, and added that he purchased it like a little of a laugh just on the Robinhood application to find out about this cryptocurrency thing. He also revealed that at present, he is the owner of 9612 USD worth of bitcoin. However, Danial discovered that Jefferies had not still sent his badge to a wallet.

The Confirmation of this News

His purchase of one single bitcoin has made him more wealthy in terms of Bitcoin when compared to Elon Musk, the multi-billionaire. The proof is given by Elon Musk himself when he announced his holdings are at nearly 0.5 BTC, which is equivalent to 2347 USD. So, that means Jefferies’ bitcoin amount is almost 4 times more than that of Elon Musk.

The approximate amount that is the net worth of Jim Jefferies is very near to 9 million USD. This signifies that his cryptocurrency investment is equivalent to just 0.1 percent of his total asset amount, which is a bit less than the 1% of Paul Tudor, another famous billionaire.


That was all about Jefferies’ possession of Bitcoin, which is nearly 4 times the bitcoin than what Elon Musk owns. No matter what people say, this news is quite an unexpected one. Expectantly, you got to know what exactly you were looking for about this update.

2021 might be the year Gold And Bitcoin See Massive Rallies, Top Banks Say Imageware Brings On Christopher Dickson As VP Of Sales

As always, the value of metal should be feared, and we might have forgotten the fact and basically tried to give bitcoin the King’s place! The recent study finds that gold is rallying alongside bitcoin for the last few months. This unexpected move in the rally has made sellers as consumers of precious metals. Precious metal sellers are turning into consumers of these metals and watches sold off by citizens.

 What’s Going On?

As the economy is hit by unemployment and gold is used towards $2,000 thousand, citizens are already selling off their precious metals and valuable watches in the pawnshops. These pawn shops have always existed, and therefore people are visiting these shops for refuge. Pawn Shops are infamous for helping by buying gold reserves of citizens during an economic crisis.

This random visit of the citizen to pawn shops for selling off high valued brand watches and gold is ominous. Due to this act, the gold prices are dropping, the supply of sellers is exhausted, which is resulting in plenty of lockdowns in gold shops. The spike in gold prices rose to $1,400, which is the highest in 6 years. This spike in selling and price hike is a fearful situation because it indicates a slowed-down economy and joblessness. Though experts say, bitcoins have no connection with gold rallies, but cryptocurrency traders are still confused.

 What are top banks saying and what’s their strategy?

The top banks are really worried about this gold rally and the economic slowdown these months are facing, and therefore they have introduced Christopher Dickson as the Vice President, sales of Imageware. He is an expert in the field of Enterprise Management, SaaS, Analytics, Global, Cloud, Blockchain, Security, Start-ups, Scaling Business, and Building World Class teams.

The main movie behind bringing Chris into the company, as stated by the CEO, is to bring focus on the company, and along with him comes various other profitable networks. He also states that, as Dickson has experience in the sales strategies, he will be an asset to Imageware. He is set to create new strategies to meet the revenue goals for Imageware. He also mentioned that Chris is a team player and is keen to work closely with the engineers for building good product sales and management team to help the company get closer to their fortune.


This massive rally is actually making crypto traders think about the future of bitcoins. Gold is the “store of value,” but bitcoins aren’t. Hence, crypto traders are worried, and it’s justified because gold has both a store of value and also a precious metal that carries intrinsic value. Hence, the questions come, will BTC holders move onto something more tangible than cryptocurrency?

The answer is kind of uncertain because until the situation stabilizes, economic slowdown stops, nothing can be really said. But one thing can never change, the value of gold and the future of cryptocurrency, which is bright because it’s digital, it’s intangible, and it’s easy to achieve!