An Ultimate Guide To The Investors-Immediate Edge

Online trading is nowadays a trend. Buying & selling of cryptocurrencies & transactions of other assets is done online through many platforms. There are options in the financial asset investment, and information on how & where to invest, how much to invest & therefore, various smooth software to execute those transactions hassle-free. One such legitimate & one halt site is Immediate Edge Trading.

How it works

The online transaction brings with it lots of suspicious, risk, challenge. To ease up that dilemma, the makers of Immediate Edge have created a platform that studies the market data, brings the best opportunity for the investor, guides them if the investment is worth making or not.

Pros of Immediate Edge Trading

  • It saves lots of time on the part of the investor’s end, bringing them the best opportunity.
  • This app works with a technique of algorithm which provides an approximate calculation of profit & loss.
  • Online trading is stressful. The slightest mistake can cost the investor a big deal. Immediate Edge provides a safe guide to investors of all levels, whether a fresher or a veteran.
  • It’s an easy-going app by setting up an account & be being a member of the trading community.
  • Cashing out is free. Many platforms charge a transaction fee, but no withdrawal fee based on earnings is applicable in the Immediate Edge Trading app. Though if at all, the charge depends on the kind of bank institution.
  • Even becoming a member of this app is free. There is no hidden charge from registration to become a member to investing to cashing out. It’s free at every step. Fill up the registration form & wait for the confirmation mail.
  • Along with the trading platform, it also tutors the parameters & process of trading. It guides the fresher & helps them to learn the basics of trading.

It is automated, and it notifies its members about trading up in the line or according to its members’ filter. Customer support is available 24/7. The withdrawal process happens within 24 hours. One needs to keep the minimum fund of 250 USD, and this legitimate trading app promises maximum trading of high volatility up to 15000 USD. Cryptocurrency or any other bitcoins are the most unstable & unpredictable investment in the trading arena also seemed to be reliable via this app. It presents the complete current graph to the investors working on its funda of algorithms so that crypto or bitcoins are happy experiences for them.

Crypto Bull Mike Novogratz Favors Gold over Bitcoin

Big bull investor of the global Bitcoin market, Mike Novogratz, advises that investing in gold is better than investing in Bitcoins. He says that though Bitcoin outperforms the valuable yellow metal in the market, it may be less lucrative because of the high volatility of the crypto market.

Mike Novogratz heads the Galaxy Digital Holdings group. He is the most successful and vocal hedge fund in the United States, who was leading the well-known Fortress Investment Group for many years. This Bitcoin bull and a billionaire investor is the most sought after advisor in the global crypto market. In 2017, Mike was reported to hold 20% of his total net worth in Ethereum and Bitcoins. 

He has correctly predicted the price of Bitcoin trading in the past years. In 2017, he forecast the rise. Being a vocal Bitcoin bull, Mike keeps sharing his views on social platforms. On June 1, his tweet was to hold on to both Bitcoins and Gold. He said Bitcoins prices might reach a new high if the barrier breaks. On July 8, talking to CNBC’s First Money, Mike advised investors to keep more gold than Bitcoins. Bitcoin prices did not fluctuate during this period and steadied at $9000. 

Mike says that Bitcoin has just started adapting to the situation. For reaching a peak, Bitcoin prices need to break a resistance that is more difficult to attain in the present scenario. Yet, Bitcoin will gradually gain more momentum in the market because more and more companies are initiating different methods to fetch the crowd towards the adoption of cryptocurrency or Bitcoin. 

In the interview with CNBC’s First Money, Mike has said that Bitcoin is quite difficult to purchase. Bitcoin would be of the greater price if the purchasing-method were easier. There are various people who try to provide different methods to purchase Bitcoins. Some custodies and funds are also set up by some companies. Also, within some time, they will get an exchange-traded fund, which is like security. It comprises many securities such as trading commodities, cryptocurrencies, etc. that frequently trace an underlying record. These funds may invest in many industry sectors or manipulate several strategies. 

Considering the upcoming changes in the method of holding Bitcoins, Novogratz advises prioritizing the precious metal instead of Bitcoin. He also asks the investors to consider the fact that gold prices are touching a 9-year high. On July 9, gold prices touched a peak price of $1800 since 2011, September. The rising price of gold is evidently because of the economic recession in the Covid-19 situation. Over the last 24 hours or so, the price of gold has increased by 0.1%, making it $1810 per ounce for trading. 

According to one of the biggest advocates of gold, Peter Schiff, investors don’t pay enough attention to the price rise patterns of the precious metal. Speaking to news sources on Thursday, he said that gold is the most neglected bull market. He said that since 2015, the prices of gold had risen by 70%, but investors fail to pay attention to this market’s profitability. 

When’s The First Bitcoin Blockbuster Going To Hit Our Screens?

Money is the base of life and everything revolves around it these days. Its impact cannot be unseen in movies too. Numerous movies on money plots are filmed every year and each one of them has been a huge hit.

For instance, The Wolf of Wall Street, Fox and His Friends, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town and more. These movies prove how money impacts our society in one way or another. Money is the only thing that has created the societal differences around us.

It also reveals the true character of someone who has gained or lost his money. These movies have also revealed the periods we have gone through over time. Whether it is the era of penny stocks or the period of self-made millionaires.

But people are still wondering when does the first movie on bitcoins will run in on the screens? It is no secret that the cryptocurrency industry is at its peak. After the price hike in 2017 at a whopping $1000 per bitcoin, it has gained quite a popularity.

The bitcoin price increased up to $19000 quickly after it reached $1000 per digital coin. It surely has many stories to show this world through a movie. There are many assumptions and suggestions on the type of movie it should be.

Some people are predicting the movie should be like the classic Wall Street. It was directed by Oliver Stone and shown on the big screens in 1987. It had a popular dialogue that goes like “greed is good”. People still remember this dialogue to date.

Gordon Gekko delivered this dialogue and it became insanely popular during those years. However, the story further unfolded when this greed landed him in jail. Its sequel was made in 2010 and the story was based on the 2008 financial crisis.

The sequel was named Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. Gekko was presented in a generous way where he was trying to correct his previous mistakes. The sequel was also a huge hit. Since then Wall Street has become a legacy used by many movie directors in the States.

Wall Street was also mentioned in The Wolf of Wall Street. It showcased what goes in and around the stock market. The lead role was played by Leonardo Di Caprio. He portrayed the real-life character of famous stock trader Jordan Belfort. The movie was too long to think about but it was a fantastic portrayal of the real world of stocks.

If it was a bitcoin character, the movie would have been in trouble. The nature of cryptocurrency is anonymous and so does the people who made it big in the industry. Not everyone likes to get recognized as a crypto icon. People are using websites like Bitcoin Trader UK to try their luck in the cryptocurrency.

The website is an automated platform that works on AI. It is successful to trade bitcoin but the chances of making it to the cinema are far away from imagination. The Social Network is a perfect example of a real story based on the latest technology invention. This movie was directed by David Fincher and it was released in 2010.

The script of the movie was based on a popular book, The Accidental Billionaires by Ben Mezrich. It was all about how Facebook was founded and the lawsuits that followed it. This film was praised and chosen for many awards that year. Every actor in the movie played a significant role of the real-life business tycoons.

If a movie on a social media giant Facebook can have success on the screens then bitcoin is also a notable invention. The first movie on bitcoin can unfold what happened when Satoshi Nakamoto created bitcoin for the first time. The first-ever movie on bitcoin can be anything but boring. The industry had its boom and pitfalls but the crypto journey has been interesting. It is going to be one of the most successful movies of all time.

Toronto Options Exchange Picks Bnc To Power Crypto Markets

Toronto Futures Options Swaps Exchange or tFOSE has partnered with digital asset data company New Coin or BNC to power its crypto options trading services. BNC is all set to help the new Canadian exchange to provide cash-settled crypto services to its clients worldwide. BNC will develop, calculate, and implement a wide range of cryptocurrencies indices for options trading on the tFOSE platform. The President and the CEO of tFOSE, James Beattie, announced the partnership and said that BNC was picked only after thorough research into the different market data sellers in the market. It met all their needs by using a distinctive approach to index designing, the methodology, and also the governance that will allow them to meet their specific and the exact needs of its institutional and retail investors. 

Even though the exchange is hopeful to start its operations in 2021, it is yet to get all the approvals for introducing the contracts. The company is working towards getting all the necessary approvals at the earliest so that they can start offering their services within a few months. The firm expects the indices production to start by the end of 2020, and at first, it will launch the tFOSE BNC Litecoin Index. Currently, BNC offers index and data services to Dow Jones Factiva, Amazon Alexa, and others. This is the first time that Canada has made any attempt to bring institutional-grade cryptocurrency product for the users in Canada and globally. It has long been delayed, but it now understands the demand for such a product and wanted to regulate the entire system for the benefit of the users. It will also be highly regulated, allowing the traders to trade in cryptocurrency securely and legally. Traders will have the opportunity to diversify their investments and exposure and lower their risk by investing in emerging asset classes without the need to directly hold the underlying cryptocurrency since these are cash-settled products.

The CEO and the Founder of Brave New Coin, Fran Strajnar, announced the decision and said that the crypto ecosystem is growing at a quick rate, and there is a greater demand for regulated investment products. Its partnership with tFOSE will allow them to grow as a market leader in market data, indices, and the standards for crypto assets. He further added that his company was dedicated to creating new products that will help bring institutional-grade services to this asset class.

About Brave New Coin

Brave New Coin or BNC was founded in 2014 and offers data, analysis, and research services to a number of market participants around the world with a focus on the blockchain and crypto-assets industry. The experience and their expertise have made them a global leader in the industry. 

About tFOSE

tFOSE is a Canadian owned Derivatives Exchange and Clearinghouse. The company is known for its innovative designed products to produce demanded products for its users in the market. The company has a highly experienced and professional team with financial and securities exchange background.  

NYDIG Receives $190 Million For Bitcoin Fund

During the Form D filing at the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, the New York Digital Investments Group (NYDIG) revealed that it had received $190 million in funding specifically for its Bitcoin Funds. The name of the fund is NYDIG Institutional Bitcoin Fund LP and has a total of 24 investors whose names are not disclosed. The fund was registered with the regulatory exchange in 2018. When the fund started, it raised around $31 million from 3 of its investors and was later joined by another six investors to raise $54 million for the fund. 

The New York Digital Investments Group came into the limelight when in May, it received $140 million in funding for it’s another fund called Bitcoin Yield Enhancement Fund. The fund managers at NYDIG are yet to clarify if $190 million mentioned in the filing is new funds or if the previous funds were renamed. However, if $190 million are different from the previous $140 for another Bitcoin Fund, then NYDIG would become the largest institutional investor in Bitcoin with the capital of $330 million invested. 

One another Bitcoin-based fund of NYDIG is the NYDIG Bitcoin Strategy Fund, which is a portfolio fund that primarily invests in cash-settled Bitcoin futures contracts of the CME Group. It is the portfolio fund that is part of the Stone Ridge Trust VI. As of now, the currency size of the NYDIG Strategy Fund is unknown, but the fund tried to raise $25 million in December last year. The fund managers have been tight-lipped about the workings of the fund or revealed other details during the regulatory filings. Even in other public platforms and channels, the fund managers refrained from providing any further details about the Bitcoin Strategy Fund. 

New York Digital Investments Group is a regulated entity as well as a limited purpose trust charter in the state. It has received the BitLicense from the New York State Department of Financial Services. The BitLicense was created in the year 2015 by Benjamin Lawsky, who worked as a financial regulator previously and is now part of the New York Digital Investments Group. The NYDIG received the state license just around a year after Benjamin Lawsky joined the fund. 

Recently, a Canadian Crypto Fund manager named 3iQ also added $10 million to the Bitcoin Fund, which showcases the increasing interests among the fund managers towards digital assets. As the digital assets space gets acceptance globally, the institutional investors are looking towards investing aggressively in digital assets or get Bitcoin exposure. One of the top crypto managers in the world, Grayscale, has total assets under management of nearly $4 billion. 

One of the surveys conducted by Fidelity Digital Assets found that around eighty percent of more than 800 institutional investors in Europe and the United States are looking to invest in digital assets or have already invested. The exposure to cryptocurrency futures for U.S. investors in 2019 stood at 9 percent, whereas in 2020, it has increased to nearly 22 percent. 

Europe-focused Crypto Exchange Vows To Offer Favorable Terms For Users

Famous crypto exchange EXMO is now offering trading pairs that can be combined with pounds and euros. Unlike other trading platforms that are just offering cryptocurrency and dollar pairs, EXMO will expand its business in the U.K. and Europe.

Users can make deposits and withdrawals with traditional methods such as Visa, Mastercard, SWIFT, and SEPA. British users are offered with a much faster platform than others.

EXMO has always focused on providing stellar services to its customers. To serve its customers with a distinguishable solution, the company is charging low trading fees. The exchange has only one motto, to become credible in the eyes of the customers.

The company also became licensed this year to offer digital currency wallet services. This certification allows an exchange to provide digital wallet services worldwide. Apart from this, the EXMO exchange is also registered in the U.K. and continuously expanding in various states of the U.S.

EXMO Platform And Its Features

The EXMO platform has 18,786 traders using the platform from various corners of the world. It offers trading in 170 trading pairs, 8 fiat currencies out of which USD, GBP, and EUR are the most prominent.

The company provides seamless trading on both desktop and mobile applications. Its desktop platform is easy-to-use and comes with user-friendly options like night mode. You can trade on both Android and iOS platforms through its app.

What makes EXMO a different trading platform for crypto traders is its low fee structure. It claims to offer the lowest fee to trade in Europe. The platform charges zero trading commission in the United Kingdom too.

The platform is also working on its analytical capabilities to offer additional features to the customers. Users can track which strategy is working for them. The platform also has a seven-day profit and loss indicator. These additional features are helpful for a trader to implement which strategy is giving them gains and which one should be avoided in the future.

EXMO users can also expect other features rolling out in the coming days. Another great achievement of the company is its Ethereum-based coin (EXM). It can also be traded against other coins.

EXMO Philanthropy

The exchange is not only expanding its business but also giving back to the community in the form of donations. It has partnered with Rotary International to fundraise for orphans. The funds will be used to provide personal protective equipment and disinfectants for young ones.

Can A Liquidity Marketplace Advance The Crypto Industry?

There has been an increase in two-sided marketplaces out there as they help create a smart business model for buyers and sellers. These marketplaces have led to an increase in accessibility and promoted economic inclusions in previously deemed impossible markets. Such marketplaces have found their places in different business verticals such as stock exchanges, and it seems that the same model might bring about the much-needed change in the digital asset market.

Such new models do more than just bring sellers and buyers together. They create a new value system that allows sellers to increase their revenue and give the buyers access to modern capabilities. According to research conducted by CoreSight, it has been found out that two-sided marketplaces like Fiverr, eBay, Uber, and others are set to exceed the $40 billion in revenue mark by as recently as 2022. Another good example of this mix is Google AdSense. By allowing websites to monetize their audience through ads, Google has accelerated the growth of new businesses and formed an entirely new industry-leading business. This has helped small businesses advertise themselves and reach out to audiences that were completely out to reach for them before.

Cryptocurrencies were created with the main aim of empowering people with financial freedom. The Bitcoin system was designed to allow people to pay each other securely and accurately without the need for any intermediaries. Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, would have not even thought that Bitcoin would become a $200 billion market within a decade and that it would give rise to the creation of other digital asset exchanges for the exchange of digital assets. Even though these new exchanges have exponentially grown, it has led to the prevention of liquidity aggregation. This can lead to a number of different problems, such as a guarantee of price, transaction speed, priority of orders, reasonable spreads, and others. The liquidity might be a hindrance to the growth of the digital asset market.

With the popularity of crypto trading growing, and there is a great demand for liquidity, the two-sided marketplace might offer a solution to a number of problems that the market is experiencing. The working of crypto exchanges greatly depends on how people commit to a certain price for cryptocurrencies when buying or selling them. This will add liquidity and benefit the people. In addition, the market makers need to have the means to meet the trading volume and its capital. Here, the rewards for the people will be high as market makers will be allowed to bridge the difference and even spread their purchases and orders.

There is a greater need for capital, modern technology, and the necessary expertise to create and manage automated trading algorithms. These are the reasons why small players are being shut out from these exchanges and not able to participate. Thus, there is a greater need for two-sided marketplaces to help increase the cryptocurrency domain’s reach. The only way to bring about a major change is by enabling savvy retail investors to connect with different digital asset exchanges that need liquidity. Proper designing a two-sided platform will help investors diversify and even enter into new markets that were unreachable before.

It has been predicted that a well-designed two-way marketplace will allow market makers to issue their market-making opportunities on such platforms. It will lead to the investors enjoying much better prices for crypto, efficient execution of orders, and better fill rates than before. One such marketplace has the power to transform the digital asset ecosystem totally.

Singapore To Roll Out Blockchain-based Payments Platform To The Public

The Monetary Authority of Singapore has completed plans to launch a blockchain-based multi-currency platform.

Singapore is approaching a realizable future where electronic payments will be the new standard. On June 13, the government revealed that MAS, Monetary Authority of Singapore, had finalized its plans for the launch of “Project-Ubin,” which is a blockchain multiple currency platform for payments.

MAS, Singapore’s Financial Regulator, is in the process of developing a payments platform intending to digitize the Singapore Dollar, the country’s national currency, for the last three years. The government inches closer to its goal of crating the digitized version with the launch fo the payments platform.

When the Project Ubin was launched by MAS, it collaborated earlir with R3, blockchain consortium, to merge the Ethereum blockchain in the project’s payment system of interbank payment. Because of this, cash-swapping of cryptocurrencies will become seamless for all the financial institutions in Singapore. 

The first phase of this project focussed on currency transfers from a privy Ethereum network through the MEPS+ system. MAS stated that after the success of this phase, the possibility of money-transfer through multiple banks would become a reality.

The second phase concentrated on the addition and improvement of cross border features and channels for payment-delivery. This would help improve the security of the program and the protection of those digital assets that are being remitted between two endpoints.

After completing the development of the payment’s network in November 2019, the testing began to observe the viability of the system to operate seamlessly with commercialized blockchain applications. For this, MAS partnered with the American investment bank, JP Morgan, and Temasek, an investment company based in Singapore. Together, they will explore the blockchain network’s abilities to clear and settle securities and payments through the digital Singapore Dollar Therefore, this payment network will permit the integration of different blockchain networks.

In a recent announcement, Reuters said that it would improve several transitory aspects, such as security settlemetns dominated by currency, cross-border transfers in many currencies, and other foreign exchanges.

The digitalized Singapore Dollar will also push the development of Singapore’s Central Bank Digital Currency, which focuses on many countries from last year.

With Singapore’s significant shift approach to blockchain, the Infocomm Media Development Authority, at the Unitize Blockchain Conference last week, revealed the country’s digital currency landscape map, highlighting the significant growth of the blockchain space in the last year.

The map showed that Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has been a significant addition of 2020. DeFi is the movement to leverage decentralized network for transforming old financial products into transparent protocols that can run without intermediaries. It is gaining major traction worldwide. With the Singapore government actively adopting blockchain maps to embrace financial transactions, DeFi can see an appreciated growth in Singapore.

The map also summarized that there are 234 companies in 26 categories operating within Singapore’s blockchain space. This number on the map shows a growth of 91 countries as compared to last year, which is a 50% growth.

Informative Sources State PayPal Deciding To Buy Crypto Custody Firm Curv

As sources state Fintech PayPal has taken the initiative to buy Curv, a technology-based Israel Company well known to store cryptocurrency in a secured way. The purchasing amount is estimated to be $500 million however still people doubt it to be true as no person from PayPal or Curv has displayed the news.

The statement may be a fact as several people in the Crypto Currency arena have already stated that PayPal seeks to buy Curv as it is much interested to reach the height of prosperity in the world of Crypto. It isn’t any new venture for PayPal as it has already partnered with New York-based Paxos for the convenience usage of its clients using cryptocurrency.

Curv firm:

It is actually software developed to use multiple cryptocurrencies to generate an automated market centralizing its functions to stabilizing cryptocurrency assets known as stablecoins. It helps customers of the firm to trade in cryptocurrency at the best possible low price to gain lower fee cost. In simple words, it can be explained that the firm functions by providing total security over digital assets.

The company was founded in the year 2018 to build a crypto custodian firm that strives to promote a secure digital finance system. Curve utilizes multi-party computation for providing full crypto asset security. The whole pattern of security revolves around mathematical patterns and code to keep funds always safe. Having them with you as a partner, you can freely trade in cryptocurrency providing full security to your clients. Hence, no doubt PayPal, a digital medium of payment wants to link with Curv firm to attract more customers.

Curv makes it easier to transact asset transfers and to secure blockchains democratise information. Once you join Curv there won’t be any worries over the insecurity of single-point failure of private keys that manages all digital assets. PayPal with the assistance of Curv will surely promote a more inclusive financial system favoured by their millions of clients worldwide.


PayPal Holdings, Inc is an American based company providing an online payment platform for its customers dwelling in many countries. The company acts as a third party to transact digital payments processed between buyers and vendors. You can say that PayPal functions as a payment processor providing an easy payment system promising full security. That is the prime reason PayPal has always been striving ahead in the world of digital payment.

Earlier the payment company has approached BitGo ready to handover $750million but unluckily the deal never finalised. Now, it has successfully purchased Curve to expand and secure payment of cryptocurrency transactions and digital assets. It will help them to step ahead of its other giant payment competitors in providing a more secured financial transactions system.

PayPal is highly appreciating Curv staff member technical talent and the way they bring in innovative technology to secure digital assets of all kinds with ease. PayPal buying Paxos last year was an indication that the highest-ranking payment medium is ready to step into the arena of cryptocurrency to begin a new transaction.

What Happens To Your Bitcoin When You Die?

The good thing about cryptocurrency is its security, as no one else can access it without your permission. In this regard, it is very secure and offers complete privacy. But have you ever wondered what happens to your Bitcoins after your death? The simple answer is that they will continue to exist even after your death as no one else can access it even after your death unless they get your password. Your bitcoins may be lost forever after your death, and you are not the only person dealing with this kind of situation. As per market estimates, close to 15 billion worth of Bitcoins are already lost due to the death of the cryptocurrency holder.

Accessing crypto account

Accessing a crypto account needs a private key, and only the account holder will have the key. This password is usually unchangeable, and it is generated once you create a new wallet. Even though the public key of the wallet is visible to everyone as this is the address you use to send and receive cryptocurrency, the private key contains essential details. You will have to use the private key to know the contents of the wallet. In this regard, even when someone knows that you have a Bitcoin account, they will not come to know how much you have in your account.

Is it possible to pass on Bitcoins to the family after death?

While this looks like a simple process, it is not in practical life as most cryptocurrencies and wallets do not have a system in place to nominate other people for your account. In this regard, it is not legally possible to transfer the holdings to family members after your death. The best thing you can do in this situation is to handover your private key to a trusted family member so that they can access the account after your death. However, this may not be the ideal option for every person.

The other option you can choose is to store the private key safely in your locker at home. You can inform your family members to use the contents after your death as it is not possible to store the private information in your will. In this manner, it is somehow possible to transfer your assets to your family members after your death.

However, most market experts say that such things may not be needed for most people as the bitcoins may not survive beyond a few years. Some experts say that such cryptocurrencies may survive only for the next 5-10 years, and you will have to move to other options in the market.

Mastercard Expands Cryptocurrency Program For Crypto Card Issuers

In an interesting move, Mastercard is now trying to attract cryptocurrency firms as they are rolling out a cryptocurrency card program. The firms will become partners, and Mastercard will begin to issue crypto cards to users. The company plans to speed up the process of registration and make it simple for crypto card issuers to begin the business. The company will offer support similar to what they do with other currencies. The amazing experience of Mastercard and their cybersecurity will help the crypto card issuers to gain confidence among the users. It will also have a huge impact on the exchange of cryptocurrencies as more users will be trading in favor of the same. Even many more people who are still not in favor of using this currency will start using the same in the near future as Mastercard is a reliable name in the field of finance. 

Partners must comply with Mastercard regulations

The partners who issue crypto cards will have to comply with strict regulations and ensure that consumer interest is protected at all times. This includes providing security and privacy to users of cryptocurrencies. Apart from that, they should also comply with laws like anti-money laundering so that there is credibility about the entire industry. The partners should also provide a level playing field for all people involved in the transactions. This includes mobile network operators, merchants and financial institutions.

London based Wirex partners with Mastercard

London based Wirex, which is a known name in crypto payment processing, has partnered with Mastercard and it will issue crypto payment cards in association with Mastercard. This is the first native crypto company to get a membership with Mastercard. With this membership, users can now convert crypto assets to fiat currency and use them at any outlets accepting Mastercard.

Company officials are optimistic about this partnership, and they believe that this will lead to increased confidence in the market about the cryptocurrencies. The association with Mastercard will help the company to provide the best service to its users who can now shift between regular currency and cryptocurrency according to their needs. The company so far has accumulated over 3 million users.

In a similar move in the United States, Mastercard has partnered with BitPay, which is a known name in the blockchain payments provider business. They will launch prepaid cards for crypto users, and this will help the cryptocurrency users to go mainstream with their financial transactions.

Immediate Edge: An Easy App For Online Trading

In today’s world, we are all aware of online trading, which the trading is done with an application that allows easy, straight forward, and comfortable trade at an online platform. The application helps you with this and also provides various benefits available.

What is the immediate edge?

It is an exciting and user-friendly application that is used for online trading comfortably. Indeed a prevalent way of trading means exchanging and selling cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, assets, etc., suitable for novice and experienced ones. Nowadays, it is better to use this application than the standard way of exchanging as it requires more time and not as easy as the online platform.

How does it work?

The essential requirement that you need is a computer with a stable and profitable access Internet connection. You need to start an account in this application, and then you can begin exchanging or trading cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, or assets. It, not a straightforward approach as it seems; you have to study and prepare for many more advanced marketing strategies. There are many software available that provides you with many of these ideas.

Features of immediate edge

  • The money you make through online trading in this application is totally yours without any additional charges, and would never take any fees for withdrawing your money from it.
  • It is easy and comfortable to handle and use due to its specific features. You can even use it comfortably, even as a beginner to this app.
  • It is also providing you with the automatic trading process, which makes you complete your work within a few time.
  • You can trade any currencies or assets, and even cryptocurrencies with this app; it makes you comfortable and provide easiness to trade with.

Is it a scam or legit?

By comparing the immediate edge review, we can see many happy customers who like to use this more often. It also has many regulatory measures that ensure safe services to the customers. It is even available for 24 hours, but its accessibility is based on the region you reside in.


As we all got an idea about this app’s efficiency, easiness to use, not just for the experienced professionals but also for beginners. It has its benefits which make it’s working easier and makes it cozier to handle. It is faster to work, which means its withdrawal process is quick, and it does not even have any additional costs for trading.