Important Analyst Opinions: Sphere 3D Corp. (ANY)

Sphere 3D Corp. (ANY) stock price moved -2.11% away from 20-Days Simple Moving Average, -3.83% from 50-Days Simple Moving Average and separated -12.82% from 200 Days Simple Moving Average. Sphere 3D Corp. (ANY) reported loss -8.73% in recent buying and selling session with closing price of $ 2.51. The stock’s traded 0.73 million shares in session while it holds an average volume of 0.16 million shares. The ANY switched 137.69% away from its 52 week minimum and distanced -71.15% from its 52 week peak. The volatility change in the previous week has observed by 11.42% and experienced of 8.81% change in the last month.

The short ratio in the company’s stock is documented at 0.68 and the short float is around of 6.73%. Beta factor, which measures the riskiness of the security, was registered at 2.46. The Company kept a record of 1.64 million floated shares and 2.32 million shares outstanding. The average true range of the stock is observed at 0.25 and the relative strength index of the stock is recorded at 47.42.

Sphere 3D Corp. (ANY) Stock Profitability Levels:

Net profit margin of the company is seen at -36.20%. Operating profit margin is positioned at -17.50%. Gross profit margin is 30.80%. The larger the gross profit margin, the better for the company. Return on assets ratio of the Company was -44.00%. Its return on investment ratio was -788.80% in the trailing 12 months period.

For the past 5 years, The Company’s EPS growth has been nearly 27.60%. Looking out over a next 5-year period, analysts expect the company to see its earnings go up by 20.00%, annually. Analyst established EPS growth expected to grow of 69.10% for this year.

Looking about the past performance history, the company plunged -1.76% for the last five trades and exhausted -4.29% in one month period. The stock deteriorated -15.77% during the past three month period and discounted -1.95% in half year. During the yearly overview it downgraded -40.80% and shown -17.70% year to date performance.

Kelly Snell

Kelly Snell

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