How Crypto Is Going To Shake Up The World Of Mixed Martial Arts

The platform based on crypto takes a vow to tremble the combined martial arts world by the digitalization of sport to support fighters and open their earning chances.

A group of marketing professionals and martial arts experts came up with a platform developed primarily fan-centered. The platform is designed to reveal the digital age of sport.

MMAON came up with a statement that martial arts hold a place in the world as a sport growing fastly. Conor McGregor also liked it and taking it to a further step by making it go international.

On the online-based platform, it is made for connecting the sport stakeholders. This group includes all the sponsors, athletes, fans, and sports organizers. The pandemic times show a great effect on the events held for MMA all over the globe. As a result, it postponed fights and kept the fans at their homes. In such a time, it’s crucial to bring on the digitization phase in the sports world.

Tomaž Ambrožič (marketing professional of a famous sport) throws light on the “MMA digital hub creation” and calls it an innovative method. It will work as a platform adopting the strategy indulged similar to IMDb, which prevails as an authority with an undisputed image in the film world.

He further explained: “A single place will hold the record of every fighter’s profile, with providing easy access to fans for learning about the fighters, present in a dedicated format within the social channel and also hold a reward option that fans can directly give to their favorite fighters.”

There’s a twist that prevails in- how will the fans vote for their favorite fighters and the ones they prefer to watch in the match facing each other. Also, enthusiasts can join the fighters in their further event training and predict their opinions.

Standing as a support mechanism for fighters

As per MMAON, it reveals that it wants to support the fighters and help them get access to a lifestyle with comfort and ease. No doubt, MMA comes under the toughest and challenging sports in the globe but still some stars lack in gathering a potential income and get hands to a certain amount only.

With the help of such a platform focused on crypto, fans will credit tips to their favorite fighters and it becomes easy for athletes to come up with the branded items and equipment related to the sport for earning revenue from sales. Also, there will be ample sponsorship opportunities, it’s often under prohibition within the famous sport contract bodies.

Frank Mir (UFC heavyweight former champion in the world) serving as the project consultant spoke that he holds a wish that MMAON type of platforms should have existed at the time when he was present in his career’s past stages- showcasing it as a concept based on phenomenal that helps young and new fighters to come in the world’s eye.

He further said: “Thinking what it will be to get access to such things gave an envious feeling in my fighters years when I was young… How can I get more earnings in this? How to turn my popularity higher? Each generation might find it an easier way.”