A 17 Year Old Was Just Arrested in Connection With Twitter’s Recent Hack

Generation Z has become the most computer literate generation yet and can easily navigate the ins and outs of the internet with quite an ease. But such skills can have a wrong side with a bad hand, as is evident in a recent case where a boy is just seventeen years of age has become the cause of a worldwide Twitter hacking that has caused much damages to the accounts of celebrities. Authorities indicate that the young adult boy operated alone and single-handedly caused this atrocity in such gigantic proportions and caused such uproar.

Details of the Case

The teenage hacker was arrested in the Tampa province of Florida in the United States of America. The scandal he caused has been termed the largest social media safety issue, the like of which is rarely seen. The master-mind operation had been the cause of many twitter profiles hacked and exploited, the owners of which included big celebrity names such as Elon Musk, Joe Biden, and Bill Gates. Ironically, two of these examples are major industrialists in the sector of software technologies and programming themselves.

Authority Report

The case file indicates that the boy went by the name of Clark and did not use any assistance from any fellow coder and did this massive breach of trust single-handedly. The young adult was charged with over thirty charges that included identity theft and data fraud. He faces repercussions in the area of Florida where more lax laws allow for juveniles to be tried as adults in such scams and fraudulent cases. More recent reports after the preliminary investigations have clarified that there can be accomplices involved in the operation, but the authorities do not know for sure.

The young age is not be confused with the simplicity of the job, as the scam as perpetrated in a level very rare and points to the criminal in question to be a prodigy in coding and software programming, albeit a prodigy who chose to use his powers for evil. Another three also face accusations now and are believed to have assisted Clark in his criminal endeavors. These three accused go by the online aliases of “Chaewon, Rolex, and Juvenile.” The authorities point towards the success of the investigation as such attacks being completely thwarted is no small victory.

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