When’s The First Bitcoin Blockbuster Going To Hit Our Screens?

Money is the base of life and everything revolves around it these days. Its impact cannot be unseen in movies too. Numerous movies on money plots are filmed every year and each one of them has been a huge hit.

For instance, The Wolf of Wall Street, Fox and His Friends, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town and more. These movies prove how money impacts our society in one way or another. Money is the only thing that has created the societal differences around us.

It also reveals the true character of someone who has gained or lost his money. These movies have also revealed the periods we have gone through over time. Whether it is the era of penny stocks or the period of self-made millionaires.

But people are still wondering when does the first movie on bitcoins will run in on the screens? It is no secret that the cryptocurrency industry is at its peak. After the price hike in 2017 at a whopping $1000 per bitcoin, it has gained quite a popularity.

The bitcoin price increased up to $19000 quickly after it reached $1000 per digital coin. It surely has many stories to show this world through a movie. There are many assumptions and suggestions on the type of movie it should be.

Some people are predicting the movie should be like the classic Wall Street. It was directed by Oliver Stone and shown on the big screens in 1987. It had a popular dialogue that goes like “greed is good”. People still remember this dialogue to date.

Gordon Gekko delivered this dialogue and it became insanely popular during those years. However, the story further unfolded when this greed landed him in jail. Its sequel was made in 2010 and the story was based on the 2008 financial crisis.

The sequel was named Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. Gekko was presented in a generous way where he was trying to correct his previous mistakes. The sequel was also a huge hit. Since then Wall Street has become a legacy used by many movie directors in the States.

Wall Street was also mentioned in The Wolf of Wall Street. It showcased what goes in and around the stock market. The lead role was played by Leonardo Di Caprio. He portrayed the real-life character of famous stock trader Jordan Belfort. The movie was too long to think about but it was a fantastic portrayal of the real world of stocks.

If it was a bitcoin character, the movie would have been in trouble. The nature of cryptocurrency is anonymous and so does the people who made it big in the industry. Not everyone likes to get recognized as a crypto icon. People are using websites like Bitcoin Trader UK to try their luck in the cryptocurrency.

The website is an automated platform that works on AI. It is successful to trade bitcoin but the chances of making it to the cinema are far away from imagination. The Social Network is a perfect example of a real story based on the latest technology invention. This movie was directed by David Fincher and it was released in 2010.

The script of the movie was based on a popular book, The Accidental Billionaires by Ben Mezrich. It was all about how Facebook was founded and the lawsuits that followed it. This film was praised and chosen for many awards that year. Every actor in the movie played a significant role of the real-life business tycoons.

If a movie on a social media giant Facebook can have success on the screens then bitcoin is also a notable invention. The first movie on bitcoin can unfold what happened when Satoshi Nakamoto created bitcoin for the first time. The first-ever movie on bitcoin can be anything but boring. The industry had its boom and pitfalls but the crypto journey has been interesting. It is going to be one of the most successful movies of all time.

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